Jeff Thompson

Like most gamers, Jeff has been into gaming basically his entire life. With experience playing both console and PC games, Jeff shares his knowledge as an IT Engineer.

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Optoma UHD50X 240Hz Cinema Gaming Projector Review - Gamers Reviewed

Optoma UHD50X Review

Packed with features and home theater potential! The image quality is crisp, colorful, and deep – surpassing most current projectors on the market. The high refresh rate, which is activated by the enhanced gaming mode also has relatively low input lag which overall makes the Optoma UHD50X a worthwhile option if you want a massive display and something that’s going to take your Netflix and entertainment sessions to the next level. The Optoma UHD50X 240Hz Cinema Gaming Projector will do great turning anyone’s living room into a cinema, or better yet, the new highlight of your LAN party with friends!

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